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Enterprise ITOps teams are struggling to handle alert floods.

They are also concerned with outages and downtime.

Digital Transformation is making the problem worse.

With applications multiplying and IT infrastructure becoming much more dynamic and complex, Evanios is providing better, modern tools to address emerging challenges. Through intelligent noise suppression and cross-stack visibility and control, Evanios enables IT support to quickly anticipate, identify and remediate service issues.

For over a decade, our founders implemented IT Operations management systems from leading ITOM companies including BMC, HP, CA and IBM. In those days (before SaaS), it was common for vendors to over-promise and under-deliver. Andy and Marc realized that they could build something better – a tool, a company, and a result that would exceed customer expectations, every time.

Evanios was born to provide ITOM software that works the way customers expect it to. We unified monitoring, event management, and ITSM process through codeless logic and machine learning, years before “AIOps” became popularized. And we’ve led since day one.

The product’s core capabilities were Immediately validated by amazing customers including AstraZeneca, Fujitsu, Land O’Lakes, Prudential, The Hershey Company, Ubisoft, 20th Century Fox, and more. Since then, Evanios has matured to become an AIOps system providing end to end visibility and actionable intelligence for dynamic IT environments. Today, Evanios solves the most vexing IT Operations problems, by:

  • Identifying exactly which events to focus on, in order of priority, based on measurable impact to the business.
  • Automatically determining the most likely causes of availability and performance issues
  • Providing leading indicators, and recommended remediation, to prevent outages

Simply stated, we make cool stuff and sell it to people who like it.

About Us | Evanios Some of the Evanios team members at our Orlando HQ

We create breakthrough technology, empower our customers and treat each other exceptionally well.

Representing the best of both worlds, we’re a stable company with a start-up feel and growth-oriented culture.


We create breakthrough technology, empower our customers and treat each other exceptionally well. | Evanios

Our Name

“Evanios” has its origins from the English word “Evolve” and the Irish Gaelic word “Anios” which means “Now.” Our team pronounces it ‘ee-vahn-yos’ (we voted), but you can say it however you want.

Keep an open mind, look for innovative ways to help our clients overcome challenges.

We must continually challenge ourselves to provide more value to our customers.

It’s important to have a work/life balance, and find joy and accomplishment in what we do.