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Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have to contend with many challenges. A wide range of monitoring tools, complex infrastructure, and looking after customers with varying needs around monitoring, event management, incident resolution and analytics are some of the main ones.

Evanios’ Unified Event Correlation & Monitoring Platform enables MSPs to offer flexibility while anticipating and automatically remediating service impact directly from the ServiceNow platform.

Establishing a single pane of glass for centralized control is a foundation stone for creating a more efficient ITSM environment. The ability to segregate customer data (ServiceNow calls this domain separation) is also critical. This guide explains why Evanios is quickly becoming the tool of choice for MSPs.

Highlighted capabilities:

  • Integrations – The ability to consolidate event and metric data in a familiar, highly scalable cloud architecture
  • Data Segregation – Support for ServiceNow’s Domain Separation model
  • Automated Hybrid Cloud Monitoring – Integrate, augment, or replace your existing monitoring tools. Evanios monitoring is configured directly in the ServiceNow platform and offers unprecedented level of integration with ITSM processes (e.g. Change Management, CMDB)
  • Event Management – Correlate events into fewer, prioritized incidents based on contextual data such as CMDB topology, time, and event content
  • Predictive Analytics – Automatically identify why failures occurred, and identify leading indicators while visualizing both actual and predicted impact
  • Rapid deployment – Leverage your team’s existing skill set

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Why MSPs Are Choosing Evanios

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