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What Is AIOps, and Why Do We Need It?

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A Brief Introduction to AIOps

For years, IT has struggled to keep the lights on. Now that businesses are aggressively pursuing digital transformation, that battle is becoming even more difficult. The number of applications and services is exploding. Changes are now measured in seconds or minutes, instead of months or years. Approaches such as DevOps are driving this acceleration – but, unless IT operations can keep up, digitalization will inevitably hit a brick wall.

So, here’s the question. How does IT operations keep pace? How does it rise above today’s siloed IT environment, breaking down barriers and automating processes in the same way that DevOps does?

AIOps is the answer. (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations). AIOps uses machine learning to automatically detect, diagnose, and even remediate IT service issues in real time. That means you resolve service issues quickly and accurately – and it takes far less effort. As it evolves, AIOps will intelligently automate a wide set of IT processes, delivering benefits across the entire operational lifecycle. Instead of struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of IT operations, you now leverage machines to stay ahead of the curve. AIOps streamlines and strengthens IT operations, in the same way that continuous integration and deployment powers DevOps.


Where Did AIOps Come From?

Gartner introduced the concept of AIOps (originally representing Algorithmic IT Operations), recognizing that today’s approach to IT operations didn’t scale to meet the demands of rapidly evolving and expanding IT environments. Gartner now defines AIOps as “software systems that combine big data and AI or machine learning functionality to enhance and partially replace a broad range of IT operations processes and tasks, including availability and performance monitoring, event correlation and analysis, IT service management, and automation.”

In other words, an AIOps platform learns from your IT services, infrastructure, and processes – and then uses this knowledge to analyze your operational data. It takes the backbreaking work out of managing enormous numbers of interconnected applications, systems, and devices, delivering real-time insights that humans don’t have the time or ability to find by themselves.


Breaking Down Data Silos

Today, operational data is typically spread across a huge number of IT tools. This creates enormous problems for IT operations. For example, knitting together disconnected, noisy monitoring data from multiple monitoring tools makes it incredibly hard to detect service issues, and even more difficult to diagnose and fix them. And, once you finally figure out what’s wrong, you still don’t know the business or customer impact – so you can’t prioritize. That context” is sitting in your ITSM system, creating further delays and complexity.

evanios AIOps model


AIOps platforms bring all of your operational IT data into one place. You no longer have to deal with individual data towers. Instead, AIOps automatically analyzes your full operational dataset, giving you intelligent insights across your entire IT environment. For instance, it can automatically pinpoint the root cause of service issues that span multiple technologies, or rank events in real time based on historical incident data. This is also why Evanios is fundamentally aligned with your ITSM system: enriching events with useful information from CMDB, Incident and Change Management allows for better, faster, more actionable context and remediation.


“We have the challenge of making sure that we become much more proactive. AI and the capabilities of Evanios are absolutely critical.”

Eveline Oehrlich, Vice President and Research Director, Forrester Research


Augmenting Human Intelligence

With machine learning, AIOps does more than simply accelerate work. Yes, machines are faster than humans, but they are also better than humans at certain tasks. For example, the human mind isn’t designed to spot subtle patterns in huge volumes of data. Artificial intelligence excels at this, which means that it complements human intelligence, rather than replacing it.

For instance, Evanios AIOps technology includes Predictive Analytics to anticipate service outages – something that humans find difficult to do. It uses machine learning to identify patterns in historical event data – for example when a critical event is typically preceded by several minor events. Then, when it sees the same pattern of minor events again, it alerts you in real time that the corresponding critical event is likely to happen in future. That means you can prevent the outage by taking action before it happens.


Delivering Insights Across the Operational Lifecycle

This is only an example, but it illustrates the power of AIOps. By applying machine learning to your operational data, you can reduce operational noise, instantly route incidents to the right operational teams, automatically identify the root cause of service issues, and dramatically reduce MTTR. And, it’s not just about real-time operations. AIOps can also uncover systemic issues, creating a validated pipeline of problems so that operations and development teams can drive continuous application and service improvement.

As demands on IT operations continue to grow, humans need help. With exploding data volumes, increasing complexity, and accelerating change, there’s no way that we can keep up. That’s why we need AIOps. It’s not a choice – it’s a necessity.


AIOps is For The Executives, Too

With all of the talk about AIOps technical capability, let’s not forget that C-level executives are recognizing the importance of AIOps, too. They have to be, really. With concerns about reducing downtime (and associated costs), driving business innovation and handling the IT talent shortage, AIOps becomes the solution for systems and personnel alignment. A live demo would show you how Evanios AIOps will help your organization gain end to end visibility and control, find root cause, prioritize effort and reduce noise. Please refer to this 30-minute video overview, or contact us to learn more.


A live demo would show you how Evanios AIOps will help your organization gain end to end visibility and control, find root cause, prioritize effort and reduce noise. Please refer to this 30-minute video overview, or contact us to learn more.