Case Study: Land O' Lakes - Evanios

Case Study: Land O’ Lakes

“With Evanios’ integrated ServiceNow solution we’ve made more significant progress than ever before. ”

The Client:

Land O’Lakes, Inc. is a growing, farmer-owned food and agriculture cooperative doing business in all 50 states and more than 60 countries. Today, Land O’Lakes has approximately 10,000 employees, more than 3,600 direct producer-members and 850 member-cooperatives serving more than 300,000 agricultural producers. With annual sales exceeding $14 billion, Land O’Lakes is No. 194 on the Fortune 500.

 The Challenge:

As the organization rapidly grows and implements new technology for its employees and members, managing and supporting that technology becomes increasingly challenging. The technology is also becoming more complex as Land O’Lakes embraces big data and hybrid cloud applications for increased business agility. Multiple monitoring tools are deployed throughout the environment by various teams to manage this complexity, making it sometimes difficult for operations staff and leadership to get clear visibility into the health of IT services. The need for an event correlation solution became paramount.

 The Solution:

The Evanios Operations application was implemented on the ServiceNow Platform as the centralized event management system for the organization. The strategy is to forward all relevant events to Evanios, where they can be correlated based on relationships or data housed within the ServiceNow CMDB.

Events are also correlated against ServiceNow change records and scheduled maintenance windows, preventing an unnecessary response during planned outages. Incidents are automatically generated in the ServiceNow Incident Management application with a business-centric prioritization and assigned to the appropriate support team.

The Results:

Rob states that “Evanios significantly shortened the proposed timeline for event management. We are delivering functionality now that was slated for 12-18 months out. We now have immediate visibility into previously siloed alerting, which prevents duplication of effort and reduces MTTR.” Land O’ Lakes can easily exchange data with other applications on the ServiceNow platform, maximizing their investment in ServiceNow, and strengthening their IT Service Management processes. Kelley says, “Evanios integration capability positions us to leverage best of breed monitoring tools integrated to a single point for correlation, which lets us revamp what we’re doing in terms of monitoring without having to throw out what we currently have. We have great flexibility with quicker time to value since we’re leveraging what we have.”

Why Evanios?

According to Rob Kelly, Enterprise Systems Monitoring Engineer at Land O’ Lakes, “Evanios’ solution met all of our requirements and displayed a willingness to partner with us on a long term basis.” The key reasons for selection included the strong industry experience built into the solution, strategy alignment with Land O’Lakes objectives and superior product features. Rob says, “It’s been a great partnership and I’m happy to say that we’re doing things in production that delivered value, and we accomplished all of this in only a 90 day timeline.”