New Release - Austin version of Evanios Operations - Evanios

New Release – Austin version of Evanios Operations

We’re happy to announce the latest release of our flagship product, Evanios Operations, is available. The Austin release is ready for download – and we’ve added new features that will make your operations run smoother.

This release is all about helping your operations staff know where to focus their time.  To achieve this, we’ve developed an advanced predictive analytics capability which is completely unique in the way it presents data. Our analytics work with no configuration required. The system harnesses knowledge contained in the event stream and in your existing ITSM system – helping you make better operational decisions.

Notable New Features:

  • Real-time event scoring highlights which events deserve more attention
  • Ability to identify leading indicators based on event stream history and dynamically adjust score
  • Transparent analysis of events with clear explanations for the operator
  • Ability to graphically explore relationships between predicted events
  • Easy filtering of low probability events from visualizations
  • “Swift Landing” interface for communication between the agent and the ServiceNow application enables selective multi-threaded event processing and improved performance
  • More advanced capabilities to consolidate multiple events to single incident
  • Full support for ServiceNow Fuji release

If you haven’t noticed, our releases are named after Formula1 Circuits or host cities. Austin, TX is home to the Circuit of the Americas, a world class facility constructed in 2012.  Bringing F1 to Austin was a monumental effort, which many thought impossible.  For that reason we feel “Austin” is a very fitting name for this release.