Evanios Operations Sepang Release - New Features

Evanios Operations for ServiceNow – Sepang Release

Evanios Operations Root Cause Analysis

Key Themes

Created specifically for organizations committed to improving service levels, reducing MTTR, enhancing automation, leveraging machine learning, and focusing effort on areas that have the highest impact, our latest Evanios Operations release dramatically improves your ability to see and understand how business services are affected by current or future events. More than ever, Evanios is about efficient, actionable IT.

Key themes for the the release are to allow users to visualize affected business services, understand actual/predicted degradation, and automatically identify root cause. Dynamic topology views provide operators with comprehensive information that’s simple to understand so they can respond quickly.

Visualize Service Health

Evanios calculates actual and predicted degradation for any technology component or business service. One critical event can have far-reaching impact, including customer-facing outages that cost the organization hard dollars. It’s imperative that IT operations teams have an accurate picture of the actual service degradation so they can respond quickly, as well as predicted service degradation so they can be proactive.

Evanios Operations service degradation map

Service Health Map provides detailed topology, with simple color coded status

The Evanios Service Health Status view is greatly improved as well, with improved usability, and incorporating the more advanced calculation algorithms that enable the Service Health Map.

Evanios Operations Service Health Status

Service Health Status provides high-level insight

Understand Root Cause

Every IT organization seeks to prevent disruptions from occurring, and respond quickly when unpreventable incidents do occur. Root cause analysis is key to accomplishing both. Evanios uses machine learning algorithms and pre-packaged knowledge to uncover relationships that would normally take operators hours or days to discover manually. Evanios automates all the detective work, identifying and ranking potential root cause events.

Unique visualizations provide actionable insight, such as “What are the events that are causing the most chaos right now?” Common root cause events are identified in the scoring system, building on our existing predictive algorithms, helping operators know where to focus.

Evanios Operations Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis View

Other Notable New Evanios Operations Features

  • Dynamic Event View. Our event list view is now fully dynamic and does not require the user to refresh to see new events. Also supports drag and drop column positioning, resizeable columns, filtering, and any UI action.
  • New Integrations. We recently added new ServiceNow integrations for PRTG and Watch4Net. (we now have 35 ready to go, out-of-the-box)
  • Improved Integrations with Spectrum and additional bi-directional capability for BPPM and SCOM.
  • Compatibility. Sepang is fully tested and supported on ServiceNow versions ranging from Eureka to Helsinki.