Predictive Analytics for Event Management - Native ServiceNow Integration

Predictive Analytics for Event Management – Native ServiceNow Integration

Predictive Analytics for Event Management

In just a few days, Evanios will release the “Austin” version of the Evanios Operations Event Management application for ServiceNow, which includes powerful new Predictive Analytics for Event Management. We analyze relationships between events and ITSM data in order to help organizations better understand which events matter.

Event management process implementations that are technically successful can often miss opportunities to deliver value. The events are integrated, but it’s not always clear which events are actionable. Our approach to predictive analytics for event management is designed to help clients determine which events are actionable with little or no additional effort from the operators.

No configuration is required, since there is ample data inside of your ServiceNow ITSM system and the event stream itself that can be leveraged to draw important conclusions which enable you to focus operations efforts on what matters.

Our approach is unique based on a few key design components:

Trait Library. Evanios provides years of industry expertise in a library of pre-developed algorithms that identify which events are more significant than others by analyzing the event stream, and the ITSM historical context.

Prediction. Using knowledge of the historical event stream to predict which events are more likely to occur. Insignificant events that cause significant events, are significant. We strive to identify these leading indicators.

Transparency. In order to build confidence, the system’s conclusions must be transparent and easy to understand. It can’t be a black box, after all this is the overall health of your organization we’re talking about. Always show your work.

Visualization. Users should be able to explore the data visually and make their own conclusions about clusters of events and leading indicators.

Extensibility. The transparent algorithims can be modified and extended as needed. Evanios provides a strong out-of-box configuration which we feel meets the needs of most organizations, so extension is truly optional.

Choice. Usage of analytics conclusions can be blended in with rules, and how you operate today. You can start immediately by exposing the analysis to users, and eventually as confidence builds, begin using it in automated operations.