ServiceNow Incident - Automating Incident Creation

ServiceNow Incident – Automating Incident Creation


There’s a good chance that your staff is considering automating ServiceNow incident creation. Every IT Operations Management (ITOM) team I come across tends to be very unique. Some organizations have lots ITOM resources, while others may have very little. Additionally, these ITOM resources may depend on stacks of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to support their organization, while some ITOM teams may have very little – if any at all. Likewise, there are ITOM teams that have mature processing and have defined/automated many SOP tasks in the Operations and those whose processes are manual. Despite organizations’ ITOM differences, our applications can help you achieve your ITOM goals.

The biggest advantage of automating processes is to free ITOM team members from standard and repetitive tasks, so their focus is on unique support/service tasks. The automated ServiceNow incident creation process is a prime example of how Evanios can help make your ITOM more effective.

One example is to automatically create incidents on identified Priority or Critical configurations items (CIs). Depending on your ITOM processing, we can use Evanios Operations to identify where the Critical CIs are and auto creates incidents for them. The keyword there is identify – the Evanios Operations applications does the hard work for you. With Evanios Operations, we able to include the ability to identify only the Critical or Priority business defined conditions, so your accuracy of automatic incident creation is maximized.

For some ITOM teams, this identification task is still a manual process. This process may require ITOM resources to do preliminary research or communicate with other team members and get approval before any incident creation can occur. Evanios Operations has the ability to completely automate the incident creation with a 1-step process. However, it also has the ability to allow your ITOM resources “manually” handle the identification process with user intervention providing an optional 2-step process in the auto incident creation rather than using your fully automated 1-step process.

ServiceNow Incident – Creation Through Automation

Lets take a deeper look into the 2-step ServiceNow Incident Creation with Evanios:

When events come into the system, there may be situations, as described previously, where manual intervention is required prior to creating an incident. This manual intervention task can be completed (step1), then the user can just right click the event and select “Create Incident” context menu option(step2), to then automatically create the incident record.

ServiceNow Incident Automated Creation

Notice after selecting the “Create Incident” Context Menu option, the incident record was created and is now displayed in the list view for that event.

ServiceNow Incident Creation list view

This provides ITOM resources the ability to quickly create incident records for events that require some intervention prior to incident creation without having to navigate into the Incident application within ServiceNow. The incident fields will be mapped accordingly based on the event information and the Trigger Incident rule.

Selecting the Incident record directly from the list, an ITIL support resource, can quickly work the incident record. See? ServiceNow automated incident creation is easy with Evanios.

ServiceNow Incident Creation - incident record