ServiceNow Event Correlation Engine: Scoring, Predictive Analytics & more

Evanios Capabilities – The Top Things We Do Really, Really Well

ServiceNow event correlation is just the beginning. Because the Evanios platform offers so much interconnected functionality, it seems helpful to summarize the top things that we do really, really well.

“Built upon the ServiceNow platform, the Evanios approach is to fully integrate event management, automated incident resolution, predictive analytics and monitoring directly into a unified workflow. The result is an intuitive and seamless model that enables IT organizations to move past the arbitrary separation between event and incident management and instead focus on the management of services from a business value perspective.”

Charles Araujo, Intellyx

Evanios’ unified event correlation and monitoring platform is trusted by some of the most prestigious Fortune 500 companies. We’ve built advanced machine learning into a best-in-class product that drastically reduces unnecessary alerts and low-level manual decision making from complex IT environments. The most common reasons for successful IT groups to choose Evanios include:


ServiceNow integration

1. Secure ITSM Enabled Platform

Consolidating IT Operations, infrastructure monitoring and application monitoring into a unified system (ServiceNow) allows IT Operations and Support teams to dramatically improve collaboration, efficiency and visibility. Evanios is the only solution that allows you to automatically provision monitoring when a new device is added to the CMDB, automatically suppress event noise during planned changes, and leverage machine learning algorithms that continuously improve scoring accuracy while automatically triggering responses to high priority events.

ServiceNow event correlation

2. Noise reduction – ServiceNow event correlation and much more

Manually sifting through thousands of useless events is labor intensive, making it extremely difficult for technology teams to find and fix issues. Evanios cuts the noise through deduplication and correlation algorithms, and identifies actionable events to reduce MTTR and improve customer experience, while reducing costs. ServiceNow event correlation.

3. Automated incident creation and resolution

Creating low value technology incidents in the Service Desk skews metrics, slows service restoration, and causes support teams to lose confidence in both the data and the process. Evanios’ mature event management process creates intelligent incidents, where all relevant data is automatically consolidated onto a single incident for speedy resolution.

Event Scoring4. Automated scoring

Automated scoring identifies the “true” severity of an event based on tunable machine learning algorithms. This automates the detective work around events, and quickly guides operations teams to the most critical issues.

Predictive Analytics for ServiceNow

5. Event prediction

Machine learning algorithms use leading indicators to predict future events, enabling operators to take proactive action to avoid incidents. Evanios’ breakthrough prediction technology leverages adjustable machine learning and native ITSM integration to create truly effective prediction forecasts. Visualizations plot severity and time to failure, helping operators see how high scoring events are likely to impact the organization.

ServiceNow monitoring

6. Auto-provisioned monitoring

Deployment of Evanios monitoring sensors can be triggered automatically based on workflows in ServiceNow. This automated configuration drastically reduces the labor and risky “swivel chair” effort that is commonly experienced when using separate tools. Leveraging triggers within the ServiceNow change, service request, and CMDB applications, Evanios can fully integrate automated monitoring configuration into a your existing process.

Overall benefits

Evanios seamlessly and quickly combines all of these features (and many more) into a unified platform that leverages your existing expertise, enables Quality of Service improvements and reduces your operational budget while decreasing development time, operational costs, service disruptions and MTTR.

You’ll be extremely pleased to find how smooth the transition will be. ServiceNow event correlation.

There’s a lot more than Evanios can do for you, to. To see the full scope of our software, download the Evanios Capabilities brochure.