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Evanios IT Operations and Monitoring: Adelaide Revision 1 Release

The updated Service Health Status can be customized in multiple ways.


We are incredibly proud to announce the release of Evanios Adelaide Revision 1! The improvements in this update will certainly make the operations team’s job much easier.

Some new features in Evanios Operations include:

  • Service Health Status view personalization: Reusable, editable, shareable, saved views, with role-based security (comparable to that in our Dynamic Event View).  This functionality enables operators and operations leads to self-manage and share their own views.
  • Persistent sorting and column selection: On the event pane of Service Health Map and Service Health Status View.  This makes the drill-down into cause events even faster.
  • Dynamic Event View trend graph: Allowing a quick glance at how many events have been created over the past six hours, and the ability to quickly filter based on time criteria.
  • Extensions to our mobile/smartphone package: Including our most popular views, making it easy to understand service health on-the-go.

Not to be outdone, here are some new features in Evanios Monitoring:

  • Several new functions added to EVA API: Creating more versatility than ever in customized IT or IOT monitoring scenarios.
  • Improved keystore based SSH and WMI domain credentials: Eliminating the need for password storage in most situations.
  • Increased capabilities of the EVA: To leverage JVM arguments to customize it’s size and performance for the environment.

Release Notes

Read the full Operations Adelaide Revision 1 release notes here.
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