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Waldo and Predictive Analytics for Event Management

Predictive analytics for event management is exceptionally difficult. In case you are unfamiliar with this challenges – I’ll fill you in. Each unique enterprise environment has thousands of different events, coming from hundreds of different sources, all with very limited context. However, Evanios has a solution to the predictive analytics challenge, releasing in late March, which will offer a powerful predictive analytics capability. More on that later.

Let’s talk about Where’s Waldo. The beloved series of books Martin Handford created more than 25 years ago challenges the reader to find the red and white clad man in a sea of chaos. Most would agree there is no pattern in the data and finding Waldo is based on luck and a quick eye. However, this is not true.

In 2013, Ben Blatt published an article in Slate describing his foolproof method to find Waldo faster. Armed with just a tape measure and a calculator, Blatt was able to conclude that, 53% of the time, Waldo was found within two 1.5-inch tall bands. The data also indicated that Waldo is unlikely to be in the middle of the page or near the edges.

While the sample size was small, there was a 5%-10% increase in efficiency finding Waldo – making the outcome a significant detection tool. In IT Operations, finding essential events is like finding Waldo every day, hundreds of times per day. What could a 10% improvement in incident detection or resolution do for your organization?

Even more impressively, Randal Olson, a Michigan based computer scientist, took finding Waldo a step further. By plotting Waldo’s location across the series, he created the optimal path that was needed to travel around the page and locate Waldo. His conclusion was “Overall, in terms of speed, this machine-learning based method is streets ahead of the old Slate strategy.”

Predictive Analytics for Event Management

Although this exercise was done in fun, it illustrates how powerful predictive analytics can be, in a use case that seemingly has no discernible pattern. Needless to say, Predictive Analytics for Event Management is an important field.

There ARE patterns the way technology events created by monitoring systems relate to the ITSM ecosystem. There ARE patterns directly in your data. In late March, Evanios will release a new version of the Evanios Operations Event Management application for ServiceNow, with a powerful predictive analytics capability that will help IT operations teams find and use those patterns.

Predictive Analytics for Event Management

We look forward to helping you find your Waldos via Predictive Analytics for Event Management.