BMC ADDM ServiceNow Integration - BMC ADDM ServiceNow Integration - Populate ServiceNow CMDB with data from BMC ADDM

BMC ADDM ServiceNow Integration – Populate ServiceNow CMDB with data from BMC ADDM


BMC ADDM ServiceNow IntegrationThe BMC ADDM ServiceNow integration is a fairly common request. One that is completely understandable. BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM) is a great discovery tool! It has been around for many years. A lot of companies have it doing a lot more than just the out of the box capabilities. Due to custom application patterns and data integrations with 3rd party tools a lot of work has went into setting up ADDM environments. There has been no real way to automate integrating the information from ADDM to ServiceNow. The Configuration Management Database (CMDB) has relied on the exporting of CSV files from ADDM queries and manually entering them to import sets. This is a very capable solution, but is finite when it comes to automation. There is really nothing to find when looking for this integration.

BMC ADDM ServiceNow Integration

At Evanios, we are uniquely qualified to integrate ADDM to ServiceNow. As both a BMC and ServiceNow partner, we have worked with both products extensively. We teach the BMC ADDM classes and also implement the product for a wide range of clients. On the ServiceNow platform we have developed the Evanios Operations and Monitoring solution for ServiceNow and do a lot of custom work for our clients. We have designed an ADDM to ServiceNow integration that will fulfill most of your requirements. The solution is also very extensible so any ADDM to ServiceNow requirement can be fulfilled by leveraging what we have built.

Integration Requirements

The requirement for BMC ADDM ServiceNow integration is fairly simple. Here is the list we work from when building this integration:

  • Add multiple ADDM servers
  • ADDM servers authentication is completely customizable
  • Use ADDM’s CSV web interface to pull information into ServiceNow
  • Allow the use of ADDM queries
  • No customization of the query script
  • Ability to dictate which CMDB class is updated by ADDM
  • Ability to choose the relationship type to use
  • Integrate any field within ADDM to any field in the CMDB
  • Simple tables to store the data
  • Log all actions
  • Create a History of updated CI’s

We have been able to achieve all of these requirements. We have also added some additional features that are not included in the list above. One important addition was the ability to do some basic normalization on the incoming fields. ADDM may not have all of the same values in reference fields as ServiceNow, so we created basic normalization on the incoming data before inserting it into the ServiceNow CMDB.

Read the BMC ADDM ServiceNow Integration documentation here.