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CA Spectrum ServiceNow Integration

CA Spectrum ServiceNow Integration


The Requirements

The high level requirements for this CA Spectrum ServiceNow Integration were to transform CA Spectrum alarms (or events) into ServiceNow incident tickets. More specifically, create an integration that would allow a user to select an alarm from the CA Spectrum One Click Console and manually create a ServiceNow incident ticket. Finally, ServiceNow should update that same alarm to show the newly created incident ticket number.

How We Did It

Using Evanios Operations and the pre-packaged integration for CA Spectrum, we were able to implement this solution very quickly.  The package contained a custom menu option for the CA Spectrum One Click Console that gathered the event details and sent them to the EVAgent running on the ServiceNow MID server inside the local network. The EVAgent then securely sends the event data into the Evanios Operations application running on the ServiceNow platform. Processing rules are applied to the incoming event and an incident ticket is automatically created. This newly created ticket number is then sent back to the CA Spectrum alarm detail so that it can then be viewed in the one click console.

What Does CA Spectrum ServiceNow Integration Look Like?

Below is a view of the CA Spectrum console where we have right clicked on an alarm to bring up a list of available menu options. We now have a new option to “Create ServiceNow Incident Ticket”. You can also see the Trouble Ticket ID has been updated with the INC number from ServiceNow.

CA Spectrum ServiceNow Integration - Console

These alarms create events in the Evanios Operations application in ServiceNow.

CA Spectrum ServiceNow Integration - Events

The Evanios Operations rules are configured to auto-ticket on CA Spectrum events.

CA Spectrum ServiceNow Integration - Auto-ticket

Read the CA Spectrum ServiceNow Integration documentation here.