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CloudWatch ServiceNow Integration – Integrated Monitoring

Amazon CloudWatch ServiceNow – an Unprecedented Level of Integration

Amazon CloudWatch monitors the AWS cloud resources and the applications you run on AWS. Evanios’ CloudWatch ServiceNow integration lets you automatically:

  • Bring all of the CloudWatch data (such as EBS, EC2, ELB, etc.) into one place in order to manage their thresholds,  send alerts and view metric graphs (such as CPU utilization, latency, and request counts) directly from ServiceNow.
  • Set thresholds that allow you to quickly react to AWS resource changes

Amazon CloudWatch ServiceNow integration from Evanios totally eliminates the need for a separate console to access your AWS metric statistics; all of your Amazon CloudWatch metrics can reside alongside your ServiceNow data. Now you can get all of your EBS and EC2 metrics in one place and manage their thresholds, view metric graphs, and send alerts) directly from ServiceNow.

Installing the Evanios Monitoring solution is simple; all you have to do is install the AWS API Command Line interface on your mid server and perform a quick configuration. Once that is done you can add your monitored object and use the ServiceNow application to configure your thresholds and alerts, or disable un-wanted parameter metrics, or add in your custom CloudWatch metrics. Configuring Amazon CloudWatch to run from ServiceNow is extremely easy, no coding is required!

It’s a complete solution; Evanios CloudWatch ServiceNow scripts are designed to dynamically retrieve every metric that is accessible in CloudWatch (on five-minute increments). Once you’ve added the monitored object, just select the metric you want to see and show the graph.

CloudWatch ServiceNow Example EBS Metrics

Figure 1- Example EBS Metrics


CloudWatch ServiceNow Example EC2 Metrics

Figure 2: Example EC2 Metrics


Why would I want to integrate Amazon CloudWatch with ServiceNow?


  • Automate Monitoring: Evanios agentless monitoring replaces standalone tools and reduces risk through automatic deployment. Monitor servers, networks, or websites — and control it all through ServiceNow. Proactively spot performance issues and improve the quality of IT service to end users.
Evanios Monitoring

Figure 3: Evanios Monitoring

  • Centralize Your Monitoring and Event Management: Configure thresholds; alert settings, scheduling and more to run directly from ServiceNow. This provides an unprecedented level integration with other ServiceNow applications.
CloudWatch ServiceNow Example EC2 Metric "CPU Utilization"

Figure 4- Example EC2 Metric “CPU Utilization”


  • View a graph for any of the CloudWatch metrics directly within ServiceNow. These graphs can be saved in gauges and be displayed in your ServiceNow dashboards along with your other data.
  • Eliminate the need for additional consoles to access your CloudWatch Data. Have all of your monitoring data in one place.
  • Take advantage of all the capabilities of the Evanios Monitoring solution for ServiceNow, including automatic monitoring provisioning, automatic ticketing, and correlation.
CloudWatch ServiceNow Example CloudWatch Graph

Figure 5- Example CloudWatch Graph

Read the CloudWatch ServiceNow Integration documentation here.