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Nagios ServiceNow – Unprecedented Level of Integration

Nagios ServiceNow integration from Evanios totally eliminates the need for a separate console; all your Nagios data can reside alongside your ITSM data. Now you can run Nagios plugins, manage their thresholds, view metric graphs, and send alerts directly from ServiceNow.

With the latest release of the Evanios Monitoring solution, you can now run any Nagios plugin from the Evanios Agent and manage the configuration all from ServiceNow. All you have to do is to copy the plugins to the targeted server or the Evanios Agent server, then use our ServiceNow application to configure and manage it.  Configuring a plugin to run from ServiceNow is extremely easy, no coding is required.

You can even capture the result of the script and set metrics value based on that result. For example, if a plug-in returns “Processor Time = 20.84%“, you could create a metric called “utilization” and have the value be the utilization value (in the case above 20.84%).

Run as many Nagios plugins as you want, whether it’s a plugin that will collect the local CPU utilization or a plug-in that will monitor an Oracle database remotely.  Monitor basically anything, and choose from over 4000 Nagios plugins available.

Why would I want to run Nagios Servicenow plugins?

1. Nagios ServiceNow Central configuration. Configure thresholds, alert settings, scheduling, and where each plugin will run directly from ServiceNow. This provides an unprecedented level integration with other ServiceNow applications.

nagios servicenow alert

2. View metric data directly in ServiceNow. These graphs can be saved in gauges and be displayed in your ServiceNow dashboards along with your ITSM and other data.

nagios servicenow Graph


3. Eliminate the need of an additional consoles. Have your ITSM data and your monitoring data in 1 place.

4. Leverage the maturity of the Nagios community.  There are 4,000 Nagios plugins available covering almost any technology you can imagine.

5. Take advantage of all the capabilities of the Evanios Monitoring solution for ServiceNow including automatic monitoring provisioning, automatic ticketing, and correlation.

Read the Nagios ServiceNow Integration documentation here.