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ServiceNow BPPM Integration – Send Alerts Directly to ServiceNow from BMC BPPM

The Evanios team members have spent decades consulting on both BMC and ServiceNow enterprise installations, so it should be no surprise that our ServiceNow BPPM Integration surpasses anything else on the market.

Transporting events from BPPM to ServiceNow is one thing (which we do quite well) but the Evanios integration goes much further by including a fully functional bi-directional integration where events and incidents are always in sync and both sides are updated accordingly.

ServiceNow BPPM Integration

ServiceNow BPPM Integration

The Evanios ServiceNow BPPM Integration is pre-packaged so it sets up easily “out of the box”, providing the following functionality:

  • Transporting events from BPPM to ServiceNow.
  • Simple mapping of BPPM severity/priority to the ServiceNow severity/priority.
  • Extensible field mapping and common event format, plus additional mapping of 15 BPPM fields including mc_host, mc_object, message and more, including the ability to easily add new fields.
  • Automatic mapping of events to a configuration items based on out of the box logic.
  • Automatic creation of incidents through rules or manual intervention.
  • If a BPPM event creates an incident, the ticket ID, assignment group and ticket priority are added to the BPPM event.
  • When a ServiceNow incident is resolved, the BPPM event can be automatically closed. Conversely, ServiceNow incidents can be automatically resolved when BPPM events are resolved.
  • Ability to leverage the Evanios correlation engine to correlate events and reduce the number of incident by a factor of 70%+.
  • Ability to set BPPM event to blackout mode if an active ServiceNow change request is attached to the configuration item.
  • Support for a high availability architecture.
  • No coding required.
Evanios ServiceNow BPPM Integration Console

Evanios ServiceNow BPPM Integration Console

The Evanios ServiceNow BPPM integration offers the most complete solution available on the market, can be implemented in just a few hours and is available in every version BPPM.

Read the ServiceNow BPPM Integration documentation here.