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ServiceNow SCOM Integration. SCOM’ers need some Lovin’ too!

Trying to find an enterprise level ServiceNow SCOM Integration? Don’t feel left out… Evanios has got your back!

Evanios has created… just for SCOM’ers… an enterprise integration solution specifically for Microsoft’s Systems Center Operations Manager(SCOM) and ServiceNow. It’s not just another SCOM integration. We hear your need for a lot more than what you typically get from those SCOM integrations that are out there today.

ServiceNow SCOM Integration

The ServiceNow SCOM Integration utilizes the most recent integration method available from SCOM (Orchestration) while still supporting the standard way (Notification Channels). The SCOM Event Integration for Evanios Operations or Evanios Integrations enables SCOM to send alerts and exception events up to the Evanios Operations or Evanios Integration application running in ServiceNow.

Connecting SCOM to ServiceNow is only a little taste of the Lovin’. It has always been taxing for customers to figure out how to map and define appropriate fields and alert value information of the event to send to ServiceNow. We have eliminated that effort by offering a comprehensive SCOM specific event format standard out of the box. These chosen SCOM fields are based upon years of Evanios experience implementing event management integrations to SCOM and other systems monitoring tools.

The following SCOM base standard fields are mapped below within ServiceNow:

ServiceNow SCOM Integration

In addition to the standard base event format above, we have included an extension set of fields that are uniquely mapped just for SCOM specific information in ServiceNow. This provides your Operations team more detailed alert information without any effort from you.

ServiceNow SCOM Integration alert information

True Event Management is having the ability to completely manage the lifecycle of an event from creation to close. Did I mention the Evanios SCOM integration is optionally, Bi-directional? The Lovin’ just keeps on comin’!!…. Utilizing the ServiceNow MID server, Evanios optionally provides the ability to initiate a Clear of the SCOM alert whenever the event Closes within ServiceNow out of the box. All you have to do is enable this functionality in a configuration if you desire.

ServiceNow SCOM Integration bidirectional

Because the Evanios SCOM integration is built on the Evanios Integration framework, you can now leverage the robust transport solution for all your event integration needs to ServiceNow. This provides you with a robust, scalable and secure focal point gateway for all integrations beyond SCOM. Other Pre-packaged integrations are provided and “Ready-to-Go”. Quickly enable Event Management practices with the Evanios Rules Engine and no coding required. Extend your Event Management capabilities by easily creating new integrations using the Evanios provided framework of tools.

Read the ServiceNow SCOM Integration documentation here.