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SiteScope ServiceNow Integration – Import Events & Manage Incidents

What is it?

HP SiteScope is a web monitoring software that focuses on constantly checking the performance and availability of your Web sites.  The infrastructures can be of mass variety including everything from Servers, Network Devices and Services, to Applications and their components, Operating Systems and various IT enterprise elements. SiteScope ServiceNow Integration from Evanios provides a quick, effective connection from your monitoring tool to your ITSM platform.

HP SiteScope ServiceNow Integration: Integrate in Minutes using Evanios Operations

The integration of SiteScope events to ServiceNow is quick and painless using Evanios Operations or Evanios Integration. Evanios provides an out of the box packaged integration to HP SiteScope, so integrating SiteScope events with ServiceNow can be done in less than 1 hour.

Here is a look at the events within HP SiteScope:

SiteScope ServiceNow Integration - SiteScope events

The Evanios out of the box integration and template will take care of all of the submissions and mapping to ServiceNow.

How do SiteScope and ServiceNow Events and Incidents look?

Let’s take a quick look at a SiteScope Event mapped to ServiceNow:

SiteScope ServiceNow Integration SiteScope mapping

Now, here is an incident created by the Evanios Integration:

SiteScope ServiceNow Integration SiteScope incident


For more information on how integration works and to learn how to get started on your own integration, see our documentation.

Why Integrate HP SiteScope to ServiceNow through Evanios Operations?

Evanios Operations is an event and operations management solution that runs directly on ServiceNow. It collects events from your monitoring solutions and acts as a manager for them. With Evanios Operations you get an overall view of your IT environment where events can be de-duplicated, correlated and acted upon.

Our Event Management solution is a ServiceNow application, which is able to leverage ITSM data from other applications. The response to an event can be changed based on its definition the CMDB or what business services it might impact. The response can be handled differently if you are in the middle of an active scheduled change. Because let’s face it: No one wants to get a wake up call for a scheduled change.

When you put an Event Management layer between the monitoring systems and ServiceNow’s incident application, it provides a more effective way to create tickets in the service desk and meaningful incidents. But the reasons for using Evanios Event Management don’t stop there – its processes are defined in ITIL v3 Service Operation and offer a more in-depth explanation.

Read the SiteScope ServiceNow Integration documentation here.