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vCops ServiceNow Integration from Evanios

Overview – vCops ServiceNow Integration

VMWare vCenter Operations Manager, also known as VCOPS, is a key component of the vCenter operations manager suite. It provides comprehensive visibility and insights into the performance, capacity, and health of managed infrastructures. Evanios has created a pre-packaged vCOPS ServiceNow integration that makes it possible for you to receive alerts directly to ServiceNow.

Quickly integrate VCOPS to ServiceNow using Evanios Operations

With Evanios Operations and it’s pre-packaged rules  for VCOPS, our solution is able to integrate with ServiceNow in no time.  The package contains out of the box defined rules to help VCOPS alerts to easily map to ServiceNow fields. When an alert occur in VCOPS, an SNMP trap will be send to the Evanios Agent. The Evanios agent will map these traps into Evanios Events and send the event details to ServiceNow so they can be dealt with accordingly. Once Evanios Operations is installed on your ServiceNow instance, you can tailor these rules or define new rules to fit your business needs.

Lets take a look at the vCops dashboard:

vCenter Operations Manager ServiceNow Integration


What does a vCops alert look like in ServiceNow?

Now let’s see how vCops ServiceNow Integration works. Once you have successfully integrated Evanios Operations as an event management layer between vCops and ServiceNow, a vCops event mapped to ServiceNow looks like this:

vCops ServiceNow Integration

Now that the SNMP trap event has been mapped to Evanios Operations;  Here is a look at an incident in ServiceNow from vCops events:


vCops ServiceNow Integration

The out of the box rules that are packaged with the VCOPS integration will map the SNMP trap received from VCOPS that is cryptic into the common event format that is readable and understandable by a night shift operator. The severity of the event is mapped accordingly based on the VCOPS severity and when a reset is sent from VCOPS, the event is automatically closed in Evanios Operations and the incident ticket updated.

Why Integrate VCOPS to ServiceNow through Evanios Operations?

Many of our customers have leveraged our vCOPS ServiceNow integration to bring VCOPS events into ServiceNow. Evanios Operations is an event and operations management solution that runs directly on ServiceNow. It collects events from your monitoring solutions and acts as a manager for them. With Evanios Operations you get an overall view of your IT environment where events can be de-duplicated, correlated and acted upon.

Our Event Management solution is a ServiceNow application, which is able to leverage ITSM data from other applications. The response to an event can be changed based on its definition the CMDB or what business services it might impact. The response can be handled differently if you are in the middle of an active scheduled change. Because let’s face it: No one wants to get a wake up call for a scheduled change.

When you put an Event Management layer between the monitoring systems and ServiceNow’s incident application, it provides a more effective way to create tickets in the service desk and meaningful incidents. But the reasons for using Evanios Event Management don’t stop there – its processes are defined in ITIL v3 Service Operation and offer a more in-depth explanation.

Read the vCops ServiceNow Integration documentation here.