Evanios & OP5 Monitor - Integrated Monitoring & Event Management

Evanios & OP5 Monitor: Automated, Unified and Proactive Event Management and Monitoring

Evanios OP5 Monitor

Unify, automate, reduce noise, correlate, root-cause analysis, predict. When IT organizations talk about being more proactive and less reactive, these are the words they use. However, here’s the question. How many IT organizations have monitoring and ITSM tools that actually live up to these principles? And, are these tools extensible enough to meet each organization’s unique needs?

Here’s the good news. Evanios has now integrated with OP5 Monitor, one of the most configurable and scalable open-source monitoring solutions on the market. This prepackaged solution provides an automated, unified and proactive solution for event management, monitoring, IT operational analytics, and AIOps – and it runs on the ServiceNow platform.

With this bi-directional REST integration, Evanios automates the event management lifecycle, including:

  • Normalizing, filtering and correlating OP5 Monitor events using out-of-the-box rules
  • Automatically creating incidents in ServiceNow
  • Acknowledging to OP5 Monitor that events have been handled

And, when OP5 Monitor reports that a previous event has cleared, Evanios can even automatically resolve and close the corresponding incident. This further reduces noise, so you concentrate on incidents that are an actual priority.

You can also easily extend Evanios to cover your other monitoring tools using further prepackaged integrations. There’s no more need to sort through thousands of events to figure out which ones are actionable and which ones are just secondary symptoms. Instead of wading through the noise, manually assigning events to IT teams, and laboriously updating notes in your monitoring tools, everything is handled automatically. This dramatically decreases your “mean time to know”, so you resolve issues faster. And, if you’re an MSP, this translates into better customer SLAs – you can even automatically show that events are being handled already on a customer dashboard.

And that’s just the start. Using transparent and extensible out-of-the-box machine learning algorithms, Evanios automatically prioritizes events and diagnoses their root cause. Your team now focuses on what’s important and instantly sees why service issues have occurred – instead of tackling events one by one until service is restored. Evanios can even predict future service issues – so you can take action before your customers are affected.

That’s just one more reason why Evanios lets you work smarter, not harder.


About Evanios

Evanios provides end-to-end visibility and actionable intelligence for dynamic IT environments. Utilizing preconfigured logic, machine learning algorithms, and ITSM contextual data, it automatically reduces alert noise, prioritizes events, identifies root cause and predicts outages before they occur. Located in Orlando, FL with employees around the world, Evanios delivers the impossible while maintaining an environment where everyone thrives professionally and personally.


About OP5

OP5 offers server monitoring solutions that help IT staff gain control over their operations and deliver more effective IT services for better business. OP5 customers around the world benefit from fully-supported solutions that are open and easily implemented, yet scalable for future needs.