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SiteScope Replacement – Direct ServiceNow Monitoring With Evanios

SiteScope Replacement with Evanios

SiteScope Replacement is making sense for more and more Evanios customers. Why? Even though HP SiteScope has the capability to monitor IT infrastructures, including Servers and Network devices, SiteScope is mostly used to monitor Web Site URLs. The most common use case is to alert on either the availability of a web site, the content or the status code.

Evanios Monitoring is the only infrastructure monitoring solution that SiteScope Replacement, delivering an unprecedented level of integration with ITSM processes. With Evanios Monitoring you can monitor the health of your Web Sites in no time and enjoy a seamless integration with apps like change management, Incident and CMDB.

Organization can save tens of thousands of dollars in license and maintenance cost through SiteScope Replacement when switching from HP SiteScope to Evanios Monitoring. In addition to the license, maintenance and infrastructure costs, Evanios Monitoring is very intuitive, fully integrated with ServiceNow and will require very little day to day maintenance.

The purpose of this blog is to demonstrate the capability and the configuration of the Web Site monitoring functionality that comes with Evanios Monitoring. The Web URL module that get installed with the out of the box Update set will automatically collect, report and alert on the following aspect of your Web sites:

  • Availability of the Web URL
  • Content Matching – Alert if a match was found or not found
  • Time it takes to establish the connection
  • Time taken to download the content of the page
  • Status code (i.e. 200, 201 …)

If the Web Site appears to be down, Evanios Monitoring will automatically perform a Trace route on that site and include the result in the Event and incident to help the technician identify the issue.

The configuration is very straight forward; all that is needed is to specify the Web Site, the credentials (if required), the location where you want to monitor the application and any content matching that is desired (optional). This process can also be easily automated by leveraging the out of the box monitoring provisioning workflows that are included with Evanios Monitoring.

If you are a ServiceNow user, why maintain a separate tool for your Web Site monitoring? Replace SiteScope with Evanios Monitoring and consolidate your monitoring, event management and ITSM all under the same platform.