Vendor Landscape: Cognitive Operations

Evanios Recognized in Forrester’s Report “Vendor Landscape: Cognitive Operations”

“We have the challenge of making sure that we become much more proactive. AI and the capabilities of Evanios are absolutely critical.”

Eveline Oehrlich

Vice President and Research Director, Forrester Research


Forrester’s recent research report “Vendor Landscape: Cognitive Operations” (August, 2017) addresses the use of artificial intelligence (including machine learning and predictive analytics) for IT Operations Management and Application Performance Management.

Evanios is pleased to be acknowledged for our strengths in IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) and Algorithmic IT Operations (AIOps). [Note: Subsequent to publishing, Gartner who coined the phrase AIOps) changed their definition from “Algorithmic IT Operations” to “Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations.”

Forrester’s report also recognizes Evanios’ alignment in five different areas of predictive technology:

  • Built-in rules
  • Custom changeable rules
  • Built-in models
  • Built-in models that automatically learn
  • Models that can be externally created and imported

This architecture enables Evanios to help IT teams reduce effort, react faster, prevent problems and give meaning to machine-based findings (e.g. automated root cause analysis).


Key takeaways:

  1. ITOM and APM solutions are increasingly using AI (specifically machine learning) to create predictive analytics models.
  2. Packaged analytics (built on machine learning) may preclude the need for IT teams to have in-house data scientists.
  3. Prediction has become a priority – there’s enough substance to justify immediate adoption


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