Evolving IT Operations - Evanios

By Aligning tools, Automating processes and Analyzing & Predicting both real and possible threats, Evanios decreases downtime, disruptions, troubleshooting and overall cost while improving Quality of Service and overall efficiency.

The Evanios approach to evolving IT Operations:

  • ALIGN: Improve control, visibility, and collaboration, by integrating all of your monitoring events and metrics. Because Evanios is built directly on the ServiceNow platform, your team can leverage their existing skills instead of learning a new, 3rd party system.
  • AUTOMATE: To eliminate resource drain and help you focus on your highest priority actions, Evanios reduces alerts and low-level, manual decision making through pre-configured logic and machine learning.
  • ANALYZE & PREDICT: Evanios uses machine learning algorithms to calculate real-time event scores, automate root cause analysis and predict future events. It will enable your team to visualize both actual and predicted event impact, and the whole system is both transparent and extensible so you can easily adapt it to your own unique needs.


Evolving IT Operations

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