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Key Benefits

  • Consolidate all enterprise events rapidly within ServiceNow
  • Pre-built integrations to popular monitoring tools
  • Framework can be extended easily to accelerate custom integrations
  • On-premise filtering and flood control reduces noise at the source
  • Resilient against event storms
  • Standardized process reduces maintenance

Packaged Integrations

Evanios integrations provide rapid integration of enterprise events into ServiceNow Incident Management OR ServiceNow Event Management. Events are easily collected from ANY source through the open API’s and packaged integrations provided in the EVA, the Evanios consolidation point, which is automatically deployed as an extension to the MID server.

Evanios offers dozens of prebuilt integrations that are ready to download and go. These include update sets with rules to parse and normalize event data, as well as detailed instructions on how to configure the integration in your environment.

Evanios Integrations | Evanios

Custom Integrations

Evanios Integrations provides an open integration toolset that supports common integration methods such as SNMP, Web Service and command line client. Custom integrations can be performed quickly, enabling complete coverage the of IT landscape.

By using Evanios Integrations we standardize the event integration method into ServiceNow. Easy form based configuration of rules allow you to parse data, normalize fields, rephrase event text, and filter events, eliminating the need for custom code.

Evanios integrations are included with Essentials, Professional, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus editions. Compare versions for more information.