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Enterprise IT organizations use numerous monitoring tools (system, database, application performance, etc.). While each of these may be necessary, the cumulative effect is usually an overabundance of alerts, incidents and tickets. Meanwhile, many of these same companies also use discovery tools to determine relationships between components. Using disparate technologies for monitoring and CMDB makes integration challenging. There’s a better way to approach ServiceNow alert correlation and analysis.

Evanios unifies monitoring, alerts and event management directly on the ServiceNow platform, making it easy to bridge the gap  between the CMDB and monitoring without coding or complexity.

Our approach to ServiceNow alert correlation and analysis includes configured logic and machine learning. Evanios normalizes data into a common event format, filters unwanted alerts close to the source, deduplicates similar events using flexible criteria, provides robust event correlation capability (based on CMDB topology, time, and event content), and leverages packaged algorithms to prioritize events that are most likely to affect services.

Alert correlation and analysis | Evanios

Methodology Step 1

Evanios provides complete visibility into the health of IT services by integrating all the data from disparate monitoring tools in ServiceNow, unifying visualizations, and setting the stage for correlation and automation to reduce operational cost and MTTR.

Alert correlation and analysis for ServiceNow | Evanios

Methodology Step 2

Evanios will dramatically reduce noise through deduplication and correlation algorithms, allowing operations teams to focus on critical events.

You will be able to correlate events based on a variety of use cases. Flexible, packaged knowledge is configurable through a simple form based interface, requiring no coding. Actions can be triggered on incoming alerts, including consolidation of multiple events into single, more meaningful incidents.

Alert correlation analysis | Evanios

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Methodology Step 3

Predictive Analytics is a valuable extension to event correlation. Using machine learning to prevent service disruptions, Evanios will:

  • Analyze every alert
  • Create accurate forecasts from leading indicators
  • Plot severity and time to failure while comprehensive reports connect related attributes
  • Enable proactive action and incident avoidance
Alert correlation analysis servicenow | Evanios

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