Considering event management for ServiceNow?

Do you need the ability to integrate different event sources and automate incidents? Built natively on the ServiceNow platform, Evanios can centralize all monitoring, automate event management and provide advanced analysis including ITOA, predictive capability and root cause analysis.

Here are several reasons to evaluate Evanios:

Connect Any Monitoring Tool Into ServiceNow

Dozens of pre-packaged integrations provide quick time to value, reduce development costs and provide a long term solution. Evanios also includes open API support for CMD line, TCP/UDP, SNMP, log file and web service.

Integrations | Evanios

Auto-provision Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

Unified element monitoring from the ServiceNow platform allows you to replace existing monitoring tools, improve visibility through an unprecedented level of integration with ITSM processes (e.g. Change Management, CMDB) and configure directly in the ServiceNow platform. Extensibility enables full coverage of the IT and IOT landscape.

Hybrid Cloud Monitoring | Evanios

Event Management and Automated Incident Creation/Resolution

Filter and de-duplicate events close to the source. Correlate disparate events based on contextual data such as CMDB topology, time, and event content. Group related events into parent-child relationships. Identify and prioritize actionable events. Identify true event severity based on historical context and predictive traits. Consolidate multiple events into single incidents. Maintain all relevant event data. Leverage preconfigured logic and machine learning algorithms to trigger automated remediation.

Single Incident | Evanios

Machine Learning

Extensible framework quickly adapts for unique environments. Supervised and unsupervised learning powers automated event and incident reduction. Recognize patterns and trigger remediation. Native integration with the ITSM platform provides contextual training data. Pre-configured algorithms are built on an expandable framework.

Machine Learning | Evanios

Root Cause Analysis

Automatically identify why failures occurred. Understand failures, restore service quickly, prevent reoccurrence. Automate the detective work associated with incident resolution. Extensible root cause analysis algorithms rank and score probable causes based on machine learning, historical probability, CMDB relationships, and temporal alignment. Transparent conclusions are presented in an intuitive format with comprehensive details. Visualize common root cause events and understand those that have caused widespread issues.

Root Cause Analysis | Evanios

Event Prediction

Use machine learning to prevent service disruptions. Breakthrough prediction technology creates accurate forecasts via configurable machine learning and native ITSM integration. Leading indicators predicting future events are identified, enabling proactive action and incident avoidance. Visualizations plot severity and time to failure while comprehensive reports connect related attributes.

Event Prediction | Evanios

Service Status Analysis

Identify failure points, visualize actual and predicted impact. Combine data from all sources into a shared, unified view of IT health. Manage all services through an interactive, predictive impact map. Illustrate which business services are most significantly affected by failures or performance issues. Provide contextual analysis of every event, including degradation variants.

Learn more about ServiceNow event management solutions from Evanios. We will gladly provide event management process consultations, personalized demonstrations, and proof of concept implementations for qualified customers.

Service Status Analysis | Evanios

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