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ServiceNow ITOM is uniquely powerful when Event Correlation Monitoring and ITOA are seamlessly integrated.

Evanios will eliminate unnecessary alerts, low-level manual decision making and back-and-forth communication between disparate groups. Because Evanios is built natively on the ITSM platform, it can extend your capabilities far beyond event and incident management.

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Centralize all monitoring to a single pane of glass

  • Empower IT teams to manage performance and availability from the ServiceNow platform
  • Maximize existing investments, reduce tool sprawl, and minimize specialized labor
  • Consolidate event and metric data in a familiar, highly scalable cloud architecture
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Less Noise, More Intelligence

  • Correlate events into fewer, prioritized incidents in ServiceNow
  • Eliminate unnecessary alerts and low-level manual decision making
  • Leverage advanced algorithms and auto-provision sensors to manage complex IT environments
Less Noise | Evanios

Proactive insight and response

  • Improve service delivery through real-time IT Operations Analytics (ITOA)
  • Identify and resolve leading indicators before they cause critical outages
  • Analyze events using extensible machine learning algorithms for advanced scoring and event prediction
  • Automate root cause analysis: rank and score probable causes based on machine learning, historical probability, CMDB relationships, and temporal alignment
  • Get a complete, real-time view of business services and technical dependencies including actual and predicted impact

Learn more about ServiceNow ITOM tools from Evanios. We gladly provide full demonstrations and proof of concept for qualified customers.

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