If you want to modernize and optimize ServiceNow operations management, you should understand why Gartner believes that “IT Operations Analytics Must Be Placed Within an AIOps Context.”*

Enterprise IT has become increasingly modular, dynamic and distributed. Consequently, core IT Operations Management functionality such as availability monitoring, performance monitoring and analytics needs to be tightly linked with Service Management and Business Analytics.

Evanios unifies ServiceNow operations management by adding event correlation and monitoring through native integration to the ITSM platform, enabling you to anticipate and automatically remediate service impact

Evanios Dashboard | Evanios


  • Dozens of pre-packaged integrations and robust API
    • It’s easy for you to easily integrate all monitoring tools into ServiceNow
  • Hybrid Cloud Based Monitoring
    • Evanios includes unified element monitoring from the ServiceNow Platform
ServiceNow Integrations | Evanios


  • Event management
    • Based on CMDB topology, time, and event content
  • Event Correlation
    • Discover critical events and group by hierarchy
  • Automate Incidents
    • Consolidate multiple events into single incidents
  • Machine Learning
    • Extensible framework quickly adapts for unique environments
Automate | Evanios

Analyze & Predict

  • Root Cause Analysis
    • Automatically identify why failures occurred
  • Scoring & Prediction
    • Identify true severity of events and leading indicators
  • Service Status Analysis
    • Identify degradation & visualize actual or predicted impact


Learn more about ServiceNow operations management from Evanios. We will gladly provide consultations, full demonstrations and proof of concept for qualified customers.

Scoring & Prediction | Evanios

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