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Evanios combines event and metric data from all sources and uses machine learning algorithms and flexible logic to automate event and incident reduction, calculate real-time scores, automate root cause analysis and predict future events.  Actionable IT Operations Analytics enable teams to visualize both actual and predicted impact.

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Automated Scoring

Drastically reduce manual labor and improve response times

  • Identify true event severity based on historical context and predictive traits
  • Tunable machine learning algorithms dynamically calculate real-time score
  • Powerful analytics prioritize events, showing operations teams where to focus
  • Specialized logic can be incorporated to accommodate 0-day events or unique client scenarios
Analyze & Predict | Evanios

Root Cause Analysis

Understand failures, restore service quickly, prevent reoccurrence

  • Automate the detective work associated with incident resolution
  • Extensible root cause analysis algorithms rank and score probable causes based on machine learning, historical probability, CMDB relationships, and temporal alignment
  • Transparent conclusions are presented in an intuitive format with comprehensive details
  • Visualize common root cause events and understand those that have caused widespread issues
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Root Cause Analysis | Evanios

Event Prediction

Use machine learning to prevent service disruptions

  • Breakthrough prediction technology creates accurate forecasts via configurable machine learning and native ITSM integration
  • Leading indicators predicting future events are identified, enabling proactive action and incident avoidance
  • Visualizations plot severity and time to failure while comprehensive reports connect related attributes
Event Prediction | Evanios

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Service Status Analysis

Identify failure points, visualize actual and predicted impact

  • Combine data from all sources into a shared, unified view of IT health
  • Manage all services through an interactive, predictive impact map
  • Illustrate which business services are most significantly affected by failures or performance issues
  • Provide contextual analysis of every event, including degradation variants
Identify failure points, visualize actual and predicted impact | Evanios

Extensible Machine Learning

Flexible logic evolves with your business requirements

  • Supervised and unsupervised learning powers automated event and incident reduction
  • Recognize patterns and trigger remediation
  • Native integration with the ITSM platform provides contextual training data
  • Pre-configured algorithms are built on an expandable framework
Extensible Machine Learning | Evanios

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