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Is your service desk overloaded with incidents or flooded by low value events? Eliminate resource drain and focus on your highest priority actions by automating event management, incident resolution and monitoring deployment. Evanios machine learning algorithms cut through the noise, score actionable events, reduce MTTR and improve customer experience while reducing costs.

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Reduce The Noise

Eliminate alert fatigue

  • Filter and deduplicate events close to the source
  • Correlate disparate events based on contextual data
  • Group related events into parent-child relationships
  • Identify and prioritize actionable events
Reduce The Noise | Evanios

Automate Incident Creation & Resolution

Merge multiple events into a single, enriched ticket

  • Consolidate based on event content, CMDB relationship data, occurrence time, preconfigured logic and machine learning algorithms
  • Maintain all relevant event data
  • Trigger automated remediation actions
  • Flexible logic requires no coding
Automate Incident Creation | Evanios

Auto-Provision Monitoring

Reduce labor, human error, and coverage gaps

  • Configure directly through the ServiceNow platform
  • Automatically provision monitoring sensors: integrate into your existing change, CMDB, or service request workflow
  • Use template workflows or tailor to unique processes
Automate Provision Monitoring | Evanios

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