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Connect all monitoring with your ITSM system

  • Visualize and manage IT health from a single platform
  • Packaged and supported integrations deploy quickly & easily with no code required
  • Open API support for CMD line, TCP/UDP, REST, SNMP, log file, and web service
Connect all monitoring with your ITSM system | Evanios
Connect all monitoring with your ITSM system | Evanios

Noise Suppression

Eliminate alert fatigue

  • Reduce floods into a few relevant, actionable events
  • Filter, de-duplicate & correlate data from multiple sources
  • Consolidate based on event content, CMDB relationship data, occurrence time, preconfigured logic and machine learning algorithms
  • Group related events into parent-child relationships
  • No scripting required
Eliminate alert fatigue | Evanios


Recognize & prevent service impact

  • Remove the walls that separate domain teams
  • Collect events from APM, network, server, storage & infrastructure monitoring
  • Enrich all events with CMDB, Incident & change management data
  • Cross-stack contextual awareness informs actual & predicted impact, as well as root cause

Event Prioritization

Know where to focus your effort

  • Tunable machine learning algorithms, configured logic, historical context, CMDB relationships, and predictive traits reveal true event priority
  • Event prioritization based on numerical rankings are dynamically calculated in real-time
  • Numerical event prioritization is significantly more actionable and granular than standard “P1, P2” indicators
  • Prioritize your work: Evanios completely eliminates confusion about, and manual sorting through non-critical alerts
Know where to focus your effort | Evanios

Root cause

Automate the detective work

  • Evanios finds and scores a small set of probable causes based on machine learning, historical probability, CMDB relationships, change management actions, automation actions, and temporal alignment
  • Understand failures, restore service quickly & prevent reoccurrence
  • Trigger automated remediation
  • Transparent conclusions are presented in intuitive visualizations with comprehensive details

Predictive Analytics

Advanced warning indicators

  • Configurable machine learning prevents service disruptions through accurate forecasts
  • Evanios automatically identifies hidden event patterns that typically lead to outages
  • Visualizations plot severity and time to failure while intuitive reports connect related attributes
Advanced warning indicators | Evanios

Additional Features

High availability | Evanios

Maintain visibility even if cloud connection is dropped

Service impact analysis | Evanios

Identify and visualize actual or predicted service degradation

Incident creation | Evanios

Correlate multiple events into single incidents and automate ticketing

Full transparency | Evanios

No black box algorithms. Operators can easily see and extend AI logic