AIOps & Machine Learning - Extending Integrations and Event Management into Automation and Actionable Analytics


  • What is AIOps? (aka AI ops)
  • Evanios alignment with AIOps
  • Adoption challenges
  • Live demo: centralized monitoring, common event format, event correlation, analysis scoring (trait, context & predictive analysis), visualizations (event forecast, root cause, service health status)

During this 30 minute demo you will learn:

  • What AIOps is (and isn’t)
  • Gotchas: Which architectural limitations to watch out for
  • Why automated root cause analysis, event scoring and predictive analytics are “must-haves”

Why choose Evanios?

  • Evanios is the only solution that provides robust event management, monitoring, and operations analytics (AIOps and AI ops) directly on the ServiceNow platform.
  • Packaged and supported integrations drastically reduce short and long term system integration costs, providing quick time to value.
  • Automated scoring identifies the true severity of an event based on tunable machine learning. algorithms. This automates the detective work around events, and guides operations teams to the most critical issues.
  • Quickly identify top ranked root causes for every event, and identify common root causes.


“We have the challenge of making sure that we become much more proactive. AI and the capabilities of Evanios are absolutely critical.”

Eveline Oehrlich, Vice President and Research Director, Forrester Research


“Built upon the ServiceNow platform, the Evanios approach is to fully integrate event management, automated incident resolution, predictive analytics and monitoring directly into a unified workflow. The result is an intuitive and seamless model that enables IT organizations to move past the arbitrary separation between event and incident management and instead focus on the management of services from a business value perspective.”

Charles Araujo, Analyst, Intellyx


[Gartner has subsequently changed their definition of AIOps or “AI ops” from “Algorithmic IT Operations” to “Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations”. See for details].

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